starlynr® pro platform, an EU-based health-tech dental brand with an advanced platform.

Scan Cam

You can upload scan files from any intraoral scanner


Aquasil EasyMix Putty Kit with Light body PVS Material. Bite registration material.

Treatment Planning

AI-based software elevates our treatment planning for clear aligners, ensuring outcomes are predictable, refinements are minimized, and results are achieved faster

High resolution 3D printing

NextDent™ powered by Figure 4® technology, high-speed 3D printing.


Precision meets comfort with our hand-trimmed aligners, boasting a customized trimline for predictable results and increased comfort


Our unique pack is made from premium materials, includes all required items, and accommodates as many stages as the case requires.

Our Trusted Partners

Tailored to fit your patient!

starlynr® creates custom aligners with variable trimlines, using FDA-approved Essix® Ace plastic for optimal and predictable tooth movement.
Our quality control hand-checks every aligner at multiple stages to ensure consistent high quality.

Tailored to fit your clinic!

Our innovative technology is boosted by a capacity of manufacturing over one million custom clear aligners each year, which are run through AI-driven and trusted US software that accepts STL files from any intraoral scanner or silicone impressions.
Our system is compatible with different types of intraoral scanners

We accept different type of intraoral scanners

We support hybrid treatment!

At starlynr®,we offer you the tools to customize the treatment options for every patient, whether it's clear aligner therapy, hybrid or combo. You are in total control to decide what’s best for your patients and your clinic.

Predictable quality & results!

At starlynr®, we maintain consistent quality by hand-checking every aligner made by our lab technicians at multiple points in the process. Our systems, processes, and protocols are carefully engineered with pride at our Center of Excellence.

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