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The story of starlynr® is one of innovation

We started everything because we wanted to revolutionize the digital orthodontic solution

starlynr® is an EU-based company specializing in advanced clear aligners, established in Barcelona and backed by a world-class team of orthodontists from Europe and the MENA region.
The starlynr® clear aligners solution provides patients with an innovative orthodontic treatment that is a faster, more comfortable, and efficient alternative to traditional metallic braces.
Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence and decades of innovation in the field, starlynr® has developed breakthrough technology in clear aligner solutions.
This ensures more predictable results and offers a better price/performance ratio for patients seeking effective orthodontic treatment.

“Our vision is to create faster, easier, effective, and customized solutions for doctors and patients in Europe and the MENA region through our advanced technologies.”

Dr Fady Yaacoub
Founder & CEO

Customized Solution

Our treatment plans are tailored, ensuring each patient receives personalized solution that is effective and comfortable


Marketing Support

Our comprehensive assistance empowers doctors with customized strategies and resources, enhancing practice visibility and attracting more patients.


Clinical Support

Our aligners offer top quality and comfort, supported by fast response times to inquiries, ensuring client satisfaction

client satisfaction

Our values that drive everything we do


We understand that change is constant and therefore, innovation is in our core values. We empower our team to think creatively and develop new solutions that can make areal impact in the industry.
We embrace cutting-edge technologies and continuously strive to improve our products and services.


Honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior are a fundamental part of the way we do business.
We believe in open and honest communication, both internally and externally. We uphold the company's values in all our interactions with colleagues, clients, and partners.


We recognize the power of collaboration and teamwork. We have an open communication policy, and we encourage employees to work together across departments and locations to achieve shared goals.
By leveraging our collective expertise, we can enhance innovation, deliver exceptional results, and provide the best possible support to our clients.

Affiliated Clinics

starlynr® affiliated clinics are now operating globally, overseen by our team of experts and doctors, ensuring every patient and partner experiences optimal results and service. Seven out of 10 people are suitable candidates for our clear aligners solution. We have successfully treated tens of thousands of cases through over 150 starlynr® providers in the MENA region and Europe, and our network of starlynr® affiliated clinics continues to grow through strategic expansions.
Doctors can now treat patients with starlynr® clear aligners solution from anywhere around the world, unlocking unprecedented potential for their practices and maintaining a competitive edge. Our expansions ensure that more professionals can join our network of experts and doctors, delivering exceptional orthodontic care globally.

You name it, we support it!

We offer much more than clear aligner treatments solutions. We provide a comprehensive business model, complete with personalized support from highly trained specialists who are available via phone, chat, or emails to quickly answer your questions and help you throughout every step of your journey. Doctors and patients can stay in touch with step-by-step instructions, follow-ups under starlynr® portal, and online support.

Chair Time per Case

Be 5 time more efficient

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